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What makes SW Trading Academy your top online course choice?

SW Trading Academy London goes much further than just being an online trading course. We aim to provide students with a wide range of knowledge and practical advice, and we back this up with the very best support available so that students can learn quickly, achieving rapid results.

Once you gain the knowledge and confidence to begin to apply the strategies that we teach you will be invited to be part of a 24 hours support room where all traders will be able to communicate in a secure environment to assist one another.

In the support room, you will be able to post images from your trading strategies, share these with other traders, and begin to develop your skills. You will find a wide range of traders to interact with from beginners and intermediate level, through to advanced and professionals.

SW Trading Academy London – our story!

SW trading academy London was created by a Business and Finance student William Santos. His passion started in 2010 when he started to take a keen interest in the market and realised that was he want to do trade for a living.  Since then, William has studied the market inside out, seeking to understand what moves the market, and how to take advantages, and make rapid financial gains from these moves. In doing so, he took several professionals trading courses from Germany, the USA, and United Kingdom.

His passion for teaching came after he began to trade on real accounts, and friends started to ask him for help so they could also learn how to make some extra income. William than started a mentoring program where he could assist friends and family to reach their goals.

In 2017, he was invited to become a mentoring and teacher of a trade society at University of West London. The following year, William represented the University in a trading competition involving all major Universities across the UK, and he won the treasure challenge (forex), in the first place!

William takes trade very serious and above all he loves what he does, believing that “ the secret of trading isn’t only making the money, but also having a love for the way you make it”.

Five reasons why YOU should join SW trading today!

Will Santos has many years of experience as a trader, teacher, and mentor

Will Santos has taken one of the best and only recognised Forex trading course available in London’s and been granted level 5 Diploma.

He has also gained multiple knowledge from previous courses from Germany and the USA.

Based on his knowledge he was invited to become the main teacher and student mentor from the trading society at the University of West London.

He was a member of the 2017 United Kingdom Universities trading challenges and won the forex trading challenge in first place.

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